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BatangRizal Hymn is now the official Pang-Bayang Awit ng Rizal, Laguna…The Sanggunian Bayan through Ordinance No.1 S-2011 had passed into Law,  adopting BatangRizal Hymn by BRO Aboy Formales of Brgy. Pauli 1 as the official Pang-Bayang Awit ng Bayan ng Rizal, Probinsya ng Laguna.

BatangRizal Hymn now on DVD

BatangRizal Hymn now in DVD (videoke style)…Sing the BatangRizal Hymn, Be Patriotic… You Will Feel It !!!

Proposed Tayak Hill Solar Electrification Program

Republic  of  the  Philippines

Province of Laguna

Municipality  of  Rizal

Office of the Municipal Vice-Mayor

February 28, 2011


100 East Main Avenue, Phase 4, Special Economic Zone

Laguna Techno Park, Binan, Laguna


CSR Director

Dear Madam:

Warm Greetings!

Rizal, is a fifth class municipality in the province of Laguna. By reason of its limited income our town was pinned to the bottom among all the thirty (30) municipalities in the province. Aside from being poor we have observed that our municipality is not known to many even by other people from our neighboring towns. There are instances that people or officials from government or private offices who tried to visit our place reached the province of Rizal by mistake. This incident happens probably because of lack of municipal landmark which we commonly called: Municipal Identity Crisis. Insufficient fund and municipal identity crisis are two contributing factors that make Rizal at the bottom. For these reason officials of the Local Government Unit of Rizal is doing its best to elevate the status of the municipality into a higher classification.

In order to combat the economic problem and the so-called identity crisis of the municipality , the LGU is committed to promote and develop the newly  discovered Tayak Hill and the Landing Point (see attached Historical Background) in Sitio Malaseña, Brgy. Tala, Rizal, Laguna. The place has the  potential of becoming a  premiere  tourist destination of our town. Tayak Hill is 560 FASL with a surpassing scenic view of Tagaytay. Developing Tayak Adventure Park at Tayak Hill and The Landing Point will help improve the economy of our town and at the same time it will make Rizal known not only to the province but the whole country as well.

Considering that SUNPOWER Phils. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Solar panels in the world, we do believe that your company can help us by way of providing technical expertise, man power and materials that are very essential in the establishment of Solar Panel Lamp Posts in Tayak Adventure Park and The Landing Point. Setting up of Solar Panel Lamppost on Tayak Adventure Park and The Landing Point seems very significant because it  will add  beauty  to  the place especially during night time.

In addition to this,  fifty (50) household farmers at Tayak Hill are very much dependent on their existing battery operated solar panels  provided by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).

In view of this, it is with great  pride and honor  to invite you to visit the municipality of Rizal  for you to see its promising beauty and find how your SUNPOWER PHILIPPINES MFG. LTD.  can support us in our quest for development.


Thank you and looking forward for your favorable response on this request.

Respectfully yours,


Municipal Vice-Mayor

OIC Municipal Tourism Officer


Vice Mayor Ferdinand O. Sumague during the Tourism presentation with Mrs. Sharon Regoso CSR (Corporate Social Responsabilities) Manager SunPower Phils, Mfg. Ltd.

Vice Mayor Ferdinand O. Sumague, Mrs. Sharon Regoso CSR Manager, Mr. Aries Sutare and Staff of the Sanggunian Bayan

SunPower Phils. Mfg. Ltd. Laguna Techno Park, Binan Laguna, the Largest Solar Panel manufacturer in the world

Biking Heaven

Biking Heaven

(Tayak Hill)

Vice Mayor Ferdinand O. Sumague

Another milestone in our municipality is to develop Tayak Hill in Rizal, Laguna Philippines as the second Cyling Heaven next to the  Magreglio Hill in Italy

The summit of Tayak Hill will soon be titled as the next ” Biking Heaven “, Thru the effort of Mayor Tony Aurelio, Vice Mayor Ferdie Sumague and Sanggunian members Team Pagbabago and most especially to Laguna Provincial Police Director Gilberto DC Cruz the Sponsor of a Giant Cruciffix and a replica/image Madonna Del Ghisallo (Patroness of Cyclists) with a Bicycle at the back of the replica would soon attract cyclists all over the Philippines and around the globe to Visit Tayak Hill / Tayak Adventure Park Rizal, Laguna Philippines.

Soon to be the next "Biking Heaven"


Madonna del Ghisallo is a hill in Magreglio, close to Lake Como in Italy. It is named after a legendary Marian apparition.

According to the legend, the Medieval count Ghisallo was being attacked by bandits when he saw an image of Virgin Mary at a shrine. He ran to it and was saved from the robbers. The apparition became known as the Madonna del Ghisallo, and she became a patroness of local travellers. In later times, Madonna del Ghisallo (the hill) was made part of the Giro di Lombardia bicycle race.

A local priest, Father Ermelindo Vigano, proposed that Madonna del Ghisallo (the apparition) be declared the patroness of cyclists. This was confirmed by Pope Pius XII. Nowadays the shrine of Madonna del Ghisallo contains a small cycling museum with photos and artifacts from the sport. There also burns an eternal flame for cyclists who have died. One particularly notable artifact is the crumpled bicycle that Fabio Casartelli, a native of the region, rode on the day that he died in a crash in the Tour de France.

Colle del Ghisallo is a mountain pass road that connects the upper part of Valassina Larian Triangle. The point of the pass, at an altitude of 754 m above sea level, is located near Magreglio. A few meters from the pass is a small church, the sanctuary of the Madonna del Ghisallo. Its name comes from a certain Ghisallo which in medieval times in that place was attacked by bandits and made a vow to Our Lady to build a church in his honor if he survived.

The ascent of Ghisallo (from the north) is traditionally traveled by the Tour of Lombardy and was even more times into the course of the Tour of Italy. For this reason, Pope Pius XII proclaimed the universal patroness of cyclists.

This famous hill, with its spectacular views, has also been the decisive or conclusive stage of the most renowned races, from the Giro d’ Italia to the Giro di Lombardia. It’s for these reasons that thousands of cyclists ride up to Ghisallo each year.

In 2000 the Foundation of the Ghisallo Cycling Museum organized a relay from Madonna del Ghisallo to the Vatican to deliver a torch of the eternal flame to Holy Father John Paul II. This event inspired the idea of creating a cycling museum in a separate structure that could enhance the heritage of the shrine. The “Museo del Ciclismo, Madoona del Ghisallo” was inaugurated in 2006.

As a museum of cycling, the museum has positioned itself not just of bicycles but also to being devoted to the men and women of the sport, from competitors, journalists, to organizers, etc.
The official website of the museum is www.museodelghisallo.it


1st Commemoration of Tayak Hill

(February 22, 1945 WWII)

February 22, 2011


1st Commemoration of the Historic "Tayak Hill"

Early morning of February 22, 2011

A V-150 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) of the Phil. Army 202 Brigade joining the parade

Rizal Elementary School Drum & Lyre Corps.

Local Government Unit headed by Mayor Tony Aurelio and Vice-Mayor Ferdie Sumague Chief Architect of the event

Elementary students gracing the 1st Feb22 Commemoration of Tayak Hill with their flaglets

V-150 Armored Personnel on the Go... Go... Go...

Convoy entering the Opulencia St. towards the Point of Commemoration: The Hystoric Tayak Hill

At the Forest of Historic Tayak Hill that once serve as the main Guerilla Headquarter during WWII

Doxology by the BatangRizal choir

BRO Rina Joy Pumar delivering her message of Patriotism and Inspiration for the future success of our town RIZAL, LAGUNA

Honoring by the CAT cadets of the CSCMNHS a Rizalian WWII veteran

WWII Vetera Mr. Mamerto Urrea Angeles that has an actual participation in the rescue of three(3) american airmen and the construction of an emergency landing strip at Tayak Hill

Philippine Army Scout Rangers parading with their gelly suits

Simulating War exercice at the forest of Tayak Hill by the Phil. Army Scout Rangers from the 202 Brigade

A squad from the First Scout Ranger Regiment (1SRR) 202 Brigade of the Phil. Army

Proud CAT cadets of CSCMNHS taking part of the first ever Commemoration of Tayak hill

Proud BatangRizal Organization members spearheading the 1st ever Commemoration of the historic "Tayak Hill" Soaring High for Success with BRO Teody Escueta as the Program Commanding Officer

Promoting Rizal, Laguna thru Philippine Daily Inquirer

Philippine Daily Inquirer February 17, 2011 edition highlighted on page A8 sponsored by Philippine Air Lines (PAL)

Poorest Laguna town finds place in history

By Maricar Cinco

Inquirer Southern Luzon

First Posted 20:48:00 02/16/2011

Filed Under: Tourism & Leisure, history, Philippines – Regions

YES, THERE is a town named Rizal in Laguna—an almost forgotten fifth-class municipality (annual income: P25 million-P35 million) that is often confused with the urbanized and popular Rizal province.

An even bigger confusion has arisen in mailing addresses in Rizal town’s Antipolo, one of its 11 barangays. (The more-known Antipolo is a first-class city of Rizal.) Both Rizal and Laguna provinces belong to the Calabarzon region.

Rizal Vice Mayor Ferdinand Sumague would rather call it an “Municipal Identity Crisis,” saying that even government officials from other municipalities are oblivious of his town’s existence. “We always have to go through some series of questioning: Where in Rizal are you from? Montalban? Tanay? Is it possible to have a province within a province?” he says. Even after explaining that the town is in Laguna, he adds, the next question will be: Where is it?  Rizal town, with a population of only 15,000 and a land area of 27 square kilometers, is at the center of the more popular towns of Nagcarlan and Calauan, and San Pablo City, which amplifies the disparity.

“At least we have here the shortest highway. Only five kilometers,” Sumague says in jest.

Poorest town

Sumague believes the “confusing identity,” to begin with, has hampered the municipality’s progress for the past 92 years since its foundation. With a yearly income of only around P31 million, Rizal was pinned to the bottom among all 30 Laguna municipalities. “We need to have our own identity, first,” Sumague says. Thus, town officials undertook their research and stumbled last month upon a piece of history about a 560-meter plateau in the remote village of Tala called the Tayak Hill. This, they say, is the key to Rizal’s progress.

According to the books titled “Guerrilla Interview,” authored by David Dwiggins, and “For Love of Freedom,” by Juan Hernandez, the Tayak Hill served as the command post of the Filipino-American Irregular Troops under a certain Col. Gertrudo San Pedro during World War II.

The book reveals that in January 1945, San Pedro’s unit saved three American soldiers aboard a faulty plane that swooped down near the area. The site, the records add, gave the soldiers a vantage view of Laguna. About an hour’s walk from the plateau is an 11-km field where Filipino and American troops built a 300-meter runway for aircraft that flew forces in and out. In February 1945, the field was used as a dropping point for food, medicine supplies and war materials. It was also on this airstrip that Virginia Llamas Romulo took off to rejoin her husband, Gen. Carlos Romulo, in Mindoro.

“Even records at the municipal government did not have this (information) until today,” Sumague says.


The municipal government has tagged the area as the “The Landing Point,” and is set to build a replica of a US Air Force L-4 Observation plane that once landed there in 1945. Sumague says this will serve as a historical landmark for Rizal, which he hopes would begin to attract tourists to the town.

“People go to Nagcarlan because of the underground cemetery. San Pablo has the seven lakes. Calauan is known for its pineapples, while Liliw is known as the tsinelas (slippers) capital. Now, Rizal will be known as Tayak dventure and Nature Park, ‘The Landing Point,’” and Camp Bakod na Bato” he says.

Sumague, who also heads the municipal tourism office, says the tourism project includes establishing an adventure park atop the Tayak Hill. A Sports Tourism Adventure—triathlon, airsoft and paintball competitions, and paragliding—will be held in April.Regular sports activities will also give tourists reason for coming back, Sumague says.

“Other towns are already (at the stage) of promoting (their products). But us, we have just started,” the vice mayor says.


My Tourism Priority Project

My Tourism Priority Project for FY 2010-2013

Establishing Rizal, Laguna’s Premier Tourist Destination


(Tourism Priority Project of  Vice-Mayor Ferdie Sumague FY 2010-2013)

(Disclaimer) Conceptualizing the ” Tayak Park ” as a Premier Tourist destination in Rizal Laguna
(Disclaimer) Conceptualizing the telescopic view from the tip of Tayak Hill viewing the town of Rizal, Laguna
(Viewing San Pablo City)
A fantastic night view of San Pablo City from the tip of ” Tayak Hill “

Added Tourist Attraction


(Disclaimer) Conceptualizing the “AIRSOFT CAPITAL” of Laguna
(Disclaimer) Conceptualizing the “PAINTBALL CAPITAL” of Laguna
(Disclaimer) Conceptualizing the “PARAGLIDING” Adventure
(Disclaimer) Conceptualizing the “SKY RIDE” thru cable cars on Tayak Adventure Park to The Landing Point and vice-versa
(Disclaimer) Conceptualizing the “SUPERMAN RIDE” at Tayak Adventure Park
(Disclaimer) Conceptualizing the “CLIMBING TOWER” at Tayak Adventure Park

Tricycle Registration Sticker

Proposed TODA / MTFRB tricycle registration sticker for FY 2010

Proposed 2010 Rizal, Laguna tricycle sticker of registration