Barangay and SK Election’s 2010

To all BatangRizal Organization (BRO) members that are candidates to the upcoming Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan election on October 25, 2010 aspiring to serve as Barangay Officials for FY 2010-2013 GOODLUCK  to all and more POWER!!!

BatangRizal Members who will serve as Sk chairman and Sk Kagawad “Lead the way” to a more dynamic and innovative leadership

Be the “trend setter” to the next generation of Sangguniang Kabataan leadership

The Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) is the youth legislature  in every local community,  in the age bracket of 15 to 18 years old during the time of election. They initiate policies, programs and projects for the development of youth in their respective barangays. The Chairman of the Sangguniang Kabataan acts as the Chief Executive of the Sanggunian (Council) while the Kagawad (Councilor) as the legislative council. The Kagawads approve resolutions of the Sanggunian and appropriates funds allotted to the council, a share in the revenue of the Barangay.

BatangRizal 2nd General Assembly


To all BatangRizal Organization members;

BatangRizal Organization will hold its second (2nd) General Assembly on October 31, 2010 at the Cristobal S. Conducto MNHS multi purpose gymnasium.

BROrg. Sport’s Fest ’09

BatangRizal Organization Sport’s Fest 2009

BROrg. Sport’s Fest ’09 held at the Rizal Re-creation Center December 27, 2009

BatangRizal Organization Sports Fest '09

BatangRizal Organization Sports Fest '09

BatangRizal Sports Fest '09

BatangRizal Organization Sports Fest '09

BatangRizal Organization Sports Fest '09

BatangRizal Organization Sports Fest '09

BatangRizal Organization Sports Fest '09

BatangRizal Organization Sports Fest '09

BatangRizal Organization Sports Fest '09

BRTeen’s with Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Crusade for Christ

BatangRizal joins Community Service

By: Sec Gani Visey

Part of the exposure program of BatangRizal Organization (BRO), thirty one (31) BatangRizal Teen’s (BRT) participated in the recently concluded HCC-CCC (Hillside Christian Church-Campus Crusade for Christ) Community Service in Barangay West Poblacion and Barangay Talaga, Rizal, Laguna.

The community service which was held in October 30, 2009 was initiated by the Campus Crusade for Christ in cooperation of the Hillside Christian Church. Prior to the holding of the community service, one hundred twenty (120) students and CCC staff from Adamson University, University of Sto Tomas, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, University of the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Rizal Technological University attended a four day leadership training/seminar at Rizal Re-Creation Center, Rizal, Laguna. As a concluding activity trainees were scheduled to apply what they have learned from the training. That is through a community service.

After cleaning the designated areas a fellowship meal (pack lunch) was provided by the CCC and was served at HCC. Right after taking their lunch a short program hosted by CCC Coordinator Bro. Bong Visey was held. There were sharing of testimonies and experiences from the CCC members and also from several BRO Teen members. Some BRO Teen members testified that it was really a great experience for them to work with CCC members. They enjoy it and had fun with them. Also, they added that they felt the inner joy while serving the community. And not only that, they also shared that they were able to know Jesus and have invited HIM to come into their heart.

The recently concluded community service was made possible through the cooperation and coordination of the following: Bro. Bong Visey, coordinator- Campus Crusade for Christ; Sec. Gani Visey, coordinator- Hillside Christian Church and T. Ellen Visey, president, BatangRizal Organization.

BRTeens CCfC 008

BatangRizal Organization members with the collegiate level of Campus Crusade for Christ

BRTeens CCfC 008

BatangRizal Organization members led by BROrg. President BRO Ellen Visey

BRTeens CCfC 004

BatangRizal Teen's

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BatangRizal visit Rizal Shrine Calamba, Laguna

BatangRizal Organization members

BatangRizal Organization members

BatangRizal Organization members

BatangRizal Org. members with the Likha Artist of Calamba, Laguna

BatangRizal Org. members with the Likha Artist of Calamba, Laguna

rizal shrine2 007

BRO Jhun Subijano Proudly BatangRizal (Laguna)

Rizal Shrine

Rizal Shrine Calamba, Laguna

Rizal Shrine Calamba, Laguna

Rizal Shrine is one of the top tourist draws in the developing City of Calamba. This shrine is is a reconstruction of the ancestral home of Calamba’s greatest son, Dr. José P. Rizal. The original house was destroyed during World War II, and through Executive Order No. 145 by President Elpidio Quirino, the house was restored through the supervision of National Artist Juan Nakpil. The shrine was then inaugurated in 1950.

In 1848, Rizal’s parents, Francisco Mercado and Teodora Alonso, who were originally from Biñan, Laguna, got married and settled in Calamba. The house they built was of the Spanish architectural style of that time and was one of the first stone and hardwood houses in Calamba. On June 19, 1861, Rizal was born inside that house and was the seventh among the eleven children of Francisco and Teodora. He was baptized “José Rizal Mercado” at the Calamba Church right next door


Rizal’s family were driven away due to pressure from the Spanish authorities and the house was sold to a Spaniard Don Isidro for 24,000 Philippine pesos. The house was destroyed during the Second World War and after the war, the Philippine government bought what remains of the property for 27,000 pesos.

Today, the shrine serves as a museum containing memorabilias of Rizal’s earlier childhood. On the grounds is a statue of the boy Rizal and his pet dog. The lot is also where Rizal’s parents remains were transferred. Visitors can enter the shrine everyday and there’s no entrance fee, but donations are welcome.


The town of Calamba was originally part of an estate owned by the Jesuits from 1759 to 1768. It was acquired by a Spaniard in 1803, then by the Dominicans in 1883. Rizal’s parents, Francisco Mercado and Teodora Alonso, were from the neighboring town of Biñan but opted to settle in Calamba when they got married in 1848. They built the first stone and hardwood house in Calamba which is now known as the Rizal Shrine.

After the Rizals were driven out of Calamba by the Spaniards, the house was sold to a certain Don Isidro — said to be the brother of the Governor — for 24,000 Philippine pesos (US$460.679 at PhP52.097=$1) and he had it rented out. But after WWII, it was in ruins. The government purchased the property for PhP27,000 but the house was no longer standing.

a message for our Org’s. future challenges


To: All BatangRizal Organization members

–         BatangRizal Educator’s Team (BRET)

–         BatangRizal Adventure Team (BRAT)

–         Barangay BatangRizal (BBR)

–         BatangRizal Teen’s (BRT)

A Message for you BRO !!!

brlogo1Building deteriorate, machinery wears, technology changes but people grow, develop  & become more effective if they understand their potential value. It also depends on the determination to make or break. It also depends on the ability to recognize the value that others can give.

My goal as author of BatangRizal is to lead / share to potential leader(s) /successor(s) and to all members of BatangRizal Organization. It would be my responsibility to inspire, help and make the necessary changes to reach our goal. Everything rises and fall on leadership. This positive interaction can happen only if the leader has an attitude of a win-win relationship. It is essential for us to have leaders and successors who can carry on…”effectively” at any given time.

As you grow and improve, so with those you lead, you must remember that people follow you.”They can only go as far as you goYou must think twice ahead because if your growth stops, your ability to lead stops with it. Neither personality nor methodology can constitute your personal growth. If you do not believe in success it is very difficult to achieve. This will not happen overnight. You must cultivate your talents and DON’T BE A COPY CUT, have a lot of courage, confidence, creative ideas, vision, motivation, focus and inspiration. Let go of your own personal insecurity and selfish act. Create your own identity!

There is no success without a successor, fly high out with priority, parameters, sacrifices and commitments. Create memberships that will be patriotic to our endevour and services. Encourage our people to be more productive and make command of changes in the Organization. Be a “thermostats” rather than “thermometers”…Thermostat is an active instrument that create a change while thermometer is passive and can do nothing to change the temperature. Expect the unexpected don’t be comfortable.

Attitude is a big factor of winding positive and negative growth. You must be open minded for the constructive and destructive critism. You must welcome challenges, You must know your mission and vision. Planning ahead of time play a big factor. Have a quality time and avoid rush. You must know for your self your weak point and strong point. Dont emphasize on position nor tittle. Be simple, humble and with a big heart for the less fortunate, care enough to comfort, share your dreams and ideas. Don’t be selfish and at the end you will be receiving a gratifying result and will be rewarded much to your expectations.

Proudly !!!


BRTeens took UPCAT ’09

The University of the Philippines College Admission Test is part of the admission requirements of the University of the Philippines System, administered to graduates of Philippine and foreign high schools. The UPCAT is considered to be the most competitive college entrance exam in the country.

Admission into UP depends not only on your performance in the UPCAT but also on your high school grades. Your weighted standardized scores on the UPCAT subtests in Language Proficiency, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics and Science, and the weighted average of final grades in your first three years in high school are combined. Moreover, to implement the policy of democratization to make the UP studentry more representative of the nation’s population, socio- economic and geographic considerations are factored in the selection of campus qualifiers.


BatangRizalTeens of the Cristobal S. Conducto MNHS (formerly RNHS) took UPCAT ’09


As the premier State University, U.P. offers a wide range of degree programs. Most of these require qualification through the U.P. College Admission Test (UPCAT). To maintain its high standard of education and to maximize its limited resources, U.P. has had to limit slots for freshman admission to each campus and to its various degree programs.