Proposed “Tayak Airstrip”

Milestone if happen is to establish  the “Tayak Airstrip” with the help of Captain Desi Lapiral  (Pilot) and Tanauan, Batangas ex-VM Manny Barradas (Pilot) owner of the Manny Barradas Airfield. photos are taken at the foot of Tayak Hill facing the City of San Pablo during our ocular inspection for the possible aistrip that would be an added attraction at Tayak Adventure Park.

Pilot Manny Barradas (yellow shirt), Capt. Desi Lapiral in navy blue shirt also a Pilot and your's truly Vice Ferdie assesing the possible airstrip

Pilot Manny Barradas And Capt. Desi Lapiral, Vice Ferdie Sumague and members of the BatangRizal Production Team and BatangRizal Organization


BatangRizal members with Capt. Desi Lapiral and Pilot Manny Barradas

At the summit of Tayak Hill Capt. Lapiral and BatangRizal members viewing the horizon

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