Rizal, Laguna Sports Tourism Adventure 2011

Sports-Tourism Priority Project of  Vice-Mayor Ferdie Sumague FY2010-2013

A first of its kind Sports – Tourism –  Adventure (STA) event in Rizal, Laguna formulated by Vice Mayor Ferdie Sumague in an aggressive attempt in attracting local and foreign participants to be featured by BatangRizal Production Team thru Laguna’s Cable-TV providers towards promoting our municipality.

Tale of the Event

Introducing the Rizal, Laguna Sports Tourism Adventure 2011. A first of its kind activity in Rizal, Laguna combining Sports ( Triathlon: Running, Cycling and Hiking/Trekking ) and Tourism. An aggressive attempt to attract local, provincial and tourist participants that will kick-off the first leg of the tournament  (1) Running at the  “PLAZA”  (in heart of the municipality) going to Brgy. Pook-Nagcarlan boundary turning towards Brgy. Antipolo-San Pablo boundary and then turning to Opulencia Street going to Mayton Bridge. Shifting from running to (2) Cycling towards the direction of Tala Malasena till the  last part of the concreted road then shifting to (3) Trekking towards the finish line at the tip of   TAYAK HILL   in an attempt to feature to the participants the fresh, cool smoothing air and the Tourism  fantastic sceenery overlooking the municipality of Rizal, Laguna and nearby City of San Pablo and other nearby municipalities. The historic  TAYAK  HILL that once been the headquarter of a Guerilla Command in Laguna during WWII will serve as the Finish Line to the 2011 Rizal, Laguna Sports Tourism Adventure.


Conceptualizing the Finish Line at the tip of Tayak Hill

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