BatangRizal Production Team

By: BRO Abby Lucido – BRProduction Columnist

BatangRizal, finally indulge a new advocacy tools which gain another level of presentation in promoting the progression of the town of Rizal, in the province of Laguna.

BatangRizal Organization induce “BR Production”; the power of media that aims to engage in public, to have the identity of a handful outlets that is dynamic cater to gain the adversity of a purposeful scope of facts, methods of learning in news and current events, research and investigation of cultural context, gives service and broad once knowledge in the deliverance of a mass communication.

BatangRizal Production gives a powerful impact to create advance technology in the promotion of business establishments which gives stability to our municipal government. It is a helpful process which gives information to reach people in a modern mass media technique. This channel of communication serves a variety of entertainment with specialized appeal, displaying messages, and serve as a vital link in the historical heritage that will be traced.

It is a significant aspect that performs education; shaping public relations and advocating a particular representation of the town of Rizal. As educational tools, BR Production not only impart knowledge but can be part of larger efforts to elevate actions having social utility. As public tools, BR Production assists every Rizaleno in achieving beautitude (beautiful attitude) and having an ideal vision to know our wonderful town.

Watch out for more upcoming events in our town.

More surprises are to wait !!!


BatangRizal Production Team

BatangRizal Production Team

BatangRizal Production Team

BatangRizal Production Team

BatangRizal Production Team

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