BatangRizal Production

BatangRizal Production

Soon to be launched by the BatangRizal Organization is BatangRizal Productions, a television promotion of Rizal, Laguna thru Local cable provider TVS CATV System here in Rizal, Laguna and Celestron Cable Inc. in San Pablo City, and looking forward to other Cable Network Providers in other cities and municipalities of Laguna. Providing news, documentaries, promotions (agri/eco/tourism), sports, Barangay affairs, community activities by the Rizal, Laguna citizenry.

Watch Out For It !!!

Coming Very Very Soon !!!

BatangRizal Production

BatangRizal Organization / BatangRizal Production invades MEDIA thru Cable-Television promotion of Rizal, Laguna. BRProduction will be providing a weekly  one (1) hour long Episode in promoting Rizal, Laguna to be anchored by our very own home grown BatangRizal member talents surpassing rigid media workshop and personality development. Be part of the Elite Group of BatangRizal Media/Press and be priveledged in promoting our community.

BatangRizal on Television


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