BatangRizal Organization (Laguna) is now SEC registered

BatangRizal Organization is now SEC registered

BatangRizal is now Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered and has been recognized by the Republic of the Philippines as BatangRizal (Laguna) Organization Inc. and adopting its own By-Laws. a Non Government Organization, a Dynamic, Patriotic and Civic Organization taking part in  promotion of the community , establishing  a much needed common identity  and assisting the Educational Institutions with  in the municipality. Today’s fastest growing Organization with over seven hundred (700) members coming from the different sectors of the community bonded with one common objective and Ideology. Establishing an Institution and Tradition that will serve as Inspiration and trend setter to our Youth and to our Future Generations…And be Proud of who we are and where we came from … dahil

“Ikaw.….. Ako.….. Tayong Lahat ay Isang ……

BatangRizal (Laguna)”

BatangRizal Organization (Laguna) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate of Incorporation

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