Local Election 2010

Winning Candidates for Rizal, Laguna Municipal Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilors

May 10, 2010 Local Elections

Municipal Mayor

Aurelio, Antonino Alad (4,897 votes)


Urriquia, Rolen Isleta (3,957 votes)

Municipal Vice Mayor

Sumague, Ferdinand Opulencia (4,779 votes)


Isles, Russell John Virtudez (3,769 votes)

Municipal Councilors:

1. Isleta, Earl John U. (3,928 votes)

2. Mondugar, Nestorio P. (3,493 votes)

3. Endozo, Josefina 0. (3,379 votes)

4. Solquia, Marlon Z. (3,328 votes)

5. Suministrado, Bernand C. (3,023 votes)

6. Naguit, Nicanor U. (2,987 votes)

7. Virina, Ismael A. (2,969 votes)

8. Orolfo, Vina Lorraine A. (2,852 votes)


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