Rev. Joe Mauk promoting BatangRizal t-shirt

Rev. Joe Mauk

Joseph Corbin Mauk was born on August 28,1952 at Dayton Ohio,. A graduate from Lancaster Bible College, B.S. in Bible, with honor. An American missionary to the Philippines for almost 30 years. He is married to Ruth Ann Healy, His family arrived in Manila in 1980. He has five (5) daughters two (2) of whom was born in the Philippines. The youngest, Marian is now 21 years old and is studying in the A.S.A. He is now a Lolo with two (2) grandsons and four (4) grand daughters. He is at present a Senior Pastor at Hillside Christian Church in Rizal, Laguna. He and his wife are presently residing at Rizal Re- Creation Center, Arban Street Rizal, Laguna and managing the RIZAL RE-CREATION CENTER since June 2002. Come and visit this place and see for your self the ministry that God has entrusted to his faithful servants, Rev. Joseph Corvin Mauk and his wife Ruth.

Rev. Joe Mauk Top’s Presentation appearances made on Philippine television: Magandang Gabi Bayan (MGB), City line with Cory Quirino, Saksi, 700 Club/CBN Asia, Chikiting Patrol, Morning @ GMA and Brigada Siete

Rev. Joe Mauk Proudly wearing BatangRizal t-shirt "thumbmark edition" during his TOP'S Presentation at the BatangRizal Organization Sport's Fest 2009 held at the Rizal Re-Creation Center


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