BRAT Support’s RES Scouting

BatangRizal Adventure Team Supports Rizal Elementary School Scouting ’09


BRAT1 004
Fr L-R BRO Jalex, BRO Omack, BRO Anthony BRO Maloy, BRO Gerry and BRO Teody

BRAT1 037
BRO Gerry Rubiato leading the way

BRAT1 019
Proudly BRAT members BRO Gerry, BRO Omack, BRO Jalex, BRO Maloy and BRO Teody

BRAT1 044
Preparing their lunch

BRAT1 026
BRAT with BatangRizal Boy Scouts

BRAT1 014
Group pictures of BRAT members and BatangRizal Boy Scouts at the “ERMITA” Brgy. Entablado

BRAT1 035
BRAT and Scouters with OIC Pricipal Ma’am Estelita Ortega back at the Rizal Elementary School Gymnasium

BRAT1 036
BRO Jalex with the rest of the BRAT members recieves the Certificate of Appreciation from Oic Principal Ma’am Estelita Ortega for the unwavering support of BROrg./BRAT to the RES Scouting ’09


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