BatangRizal Organization’s media mileage

BatangRizal Onganization gains media mileage, being guested and featured by Celestron Production thru San Pablo City local Celestron cable channel 10 simulcast thru FM radio with frequency 101.5 hot fm anchored by host Mr. Ronie Mirasol in his weekly live TV broadcast ” PAKSA “ every sunday @ 5 -6 o’clock pm.

BRO Aboy Formales and BRO Apher Montanano

BRO Aboy Formales and BRO Apher Montanano

BatangRizal Organization members BRO Aboy Formales the ultimate Composer of BatangRizal Hymn dubbed ” Ang PamBayang Awit ng Rizal, Laguna ” and BRO Apher Montanano the first to interpret the BatangRizal Hymn being invited by host Mr. Ronie Mirasol to perform and being televised live on San Pablo City local Celestron cable TV.

from L-R BRO Teody Escueta, BRO Neneth Millares, PASKSA Host Mr. Ronie Mirasol, BRO Alice Lareza and BRO Ghie Lucido

from L-R BRO Teody Escueta, BRO Neneth Millares, PAKSA Host Mr. Ronie Mirasol (Proudly wearing Red BatangRizal t-shirt), BRO Alice Lareza and BRO Ghie Lucido

BatangRizal Educator’s Team (BRET) BRO Teody, BRO Neneth, BRO Alice and BRO Ghie represents the BatangRizal Organization during last sundays episode of the local cable program hosted by Mr. Ronie Mirasol.

By: BRO Nenet Millares Editor in Chief BatangRizal Organization

Exited but nervous, four (4) BatangRizal Educator’s Team (BRET) members had a lively interview with TV host/radio announcer Mr. Ronie Mirasol when the latter invited members of the BatangRizal Organization to guest in his TV program billed “PAKSA” thru local cable provider Celestron Productions last Oct. 25, 2009 at 5:00-6:00 pm. It was aired live at Celestron Cable TV channel 10 with simulcast airing at 101.5 Hot FM.

TV host Mr. Ronie Mirasol’s curiosity about BATANGRIZAL was satisfied when Sir/BRO Teody Escueta, Ma’am/BRO Alice Lareza, Ma’am/BRO Giselle Lucido and Ma’am/BRO Nenet Millares detailed to him the history, objectives and programs of the organization.

During the program, different BatangRizal t-shirt designs were presented and the hidden beauty of Nalagalas Falls were featured. Phone in questions about BatangRizal Organozation (BRO) and inquiries about BatangRizal website were read and answered by the panelist.

Listeners were so impressed by the BatangRizal Organization that some of them texted their comments like: BatangRizal Organization is a very unique organization. It’s able to put together people of different ages and from different sectors of the municipality to work together to achieve a common goal.

The interview become livelier with the rendition of BatangRizal Hymn by its composer BRO Aboy Formales together with singer BRO Apher Montanano. The staff of the the station was amazed at how the song expresses the love of the Rizalians to their town and at how the song creates the burning desire among its people to join hands to uplift the town of Rizal, Laguna.

The positive comments and envy of the listeners truly warmed the hearts of the group led by Councilor/BRO Ferdie Sumague. The experience encourage and challenged the BatangRizal Organization members to move on and continue what has already been started. And be a Proud BatangRizal Organization member!!!


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