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BatangRizal Organization (BRO) 1st General Assembly


BatangRizal Organization 1st General Assembly

September 21, 2009 at the Cristobal S. Conducto MNHS (formerly RNHS)

BRO Gen Assembly 023



Rizal, nested in the beautiful province of Laguna, is one of the smallest towns in the Philippines. It was named after our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. To promote the town’s Agri-Eco-Tourism and as well as its historical heritage, Councilor Ferdinand O. Sumague a.k.a. Konsi Ferdie, launched BatangRizal website / blog.

Surprisingly, the website hits two birds in one stone. While the town is being promoted, its presence also satisfies the yearnings of the Rizalians in the different parts of the Philippines and around the world for the latest happenings and updates in their beloved hometown. It becomes a link where success, concerns and sympathy are shared to one another.

BRlogo1The sharing among the Rizalians did not stop in the net. It became dynamic when a group felt the need to help the new generation of Rizalins become achievers like the many children has produced through the years. But with the present educational achievement of the children, this vision seems to be bleak. This concern became the catalyst that brought forth to the birth of BATANG RIZAL ORGANIZATION ( a dynamic, pariotic, civic organization) on February 1, 2009. And adopted its name from the BatangRizal website because the name gives the members a sense of belongingness and pride for being offsprings of the little town of Rizal.

log on http://Batangrizalorg.wordpress.com

It focuses its programs and services to the children particularly on the educational aspects and promoting the municipality of Rizal, Laguna. its vision includes seeing self-reliant children, families and communities, empowered by a strong belief in the worth and dignity as a Rizalian and promoting the municipality to the highest level. Its mission: to uplift and enhance the dignity and self-worth of the children and the youth and the whole citizenry, to undertake responsive and effective programs and services and to strengthen the financial and technical capability of the organization and linkages with GO’s, NGO’s and donor agencies

Young as it is, BRO has already shown its support to the “Adopt a School Program” of the government by having successfully donated a Hewlett Packard 3-in-1 Scanner, Copier, printer to four schools in the municipality namely; Rizal Elementary School, Cristobal S. Conducto MNHS, Pook Elementary School and Antipolo-Sulsusgin Elementary School. To date the organization is on a mission of promoting the BatangRizal t-shirt dubbed as “Ang Pang-Bayang t-shirt ng Rizal, Laguna” and promoting the BatangRizal Hymn dubbed “Ang Pang-Bayang Awit ng Bayan ng Rizal”, a first of its kind in the province of Laguna.

To further its services and to have more organized programs, BRO had formed sub-groups. The new set up gave rise to the formation of;

BatangRizal Educators’ Team (BRET). It is the one think of ways on how to support the educational institutions of Rizal. Its members are teachers from different schools in the municipality.


BatangRizal Educator's Team

BatangRizal Adventure Team (BRAT) on the other hand explores the hidden beauty of Rizal and shares exciting experiences and discoveries in the web. These discoveries make known to everyone that Rizal, being to be unnoticed, has unique beauty that its residents can be grateful and proud of.


BatangRizal Adventure Team

Barangay BatangRizal (BBR) is the arm of the organization that is responsible for assisting the community in any way it can and to creat website for every barangay in the locality, their motto “ Barangay mo i promote mo”.


Barangay BatangRizal

BatangRizal Teen’s (BRT), the youth group, is committed to challenging other youth to live productive lives. These teens have realized that our national hero had shown what every Filipino is capable of doing and they are doing their best to live up to his expectations. They delight and desire to emulate him in their ways. Their motto: “Isabuhay si Rizal nating mga BatangRizal” really makes his heroic deeds alive.


BatangRizal Teen's

And who says that the youngs among the youngs cannot perform worthwhile activities like the big ones? They believe that they too can share their talents and abilities that can be their great contribution to the progress of our small community. Who are they? No other than the

BatangRizal Kid’s (BRK). They are composed of very young children who are ready to face the challenge of being involved in community services.

The principles posted a century ago by our national hero are not outdated and should not be outdated in our times. It is now more than ever that his ideals be seen in the lives of every one. It is what BatangRizal Organization is all about: voluntarism, sharing, developing oneself to be beneficial to others, understanding, striving, and practicing gratitude God for what He has endowed to us. Every BatangRizal bears this quote of Dr Rizal in his heart, It is a useless life that is not consecrated to a great ideal. It is like a stone wasted on the field without becoming a part of any  “edifice”, in the performance of the duty he has put in himself. It is also the challenge of the organization to every individual born in Rizal to live a life that is consecrated to the welfare of his fellowmen.

More photo during the BatangRizal Organization 1st Gneral Assembly log on http://batangrizalorg.wordpress.com


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