a message for our Org’s. future challenges


To: All BatangRizal Organization members

–         BatangRizal Educator’s Team (BRET)

–         BatangRizal Adventure Team (BRAT)

–         Barangay BatangRizal (BBR)

–         BatangRizal Teen’s (BRT)

A Message for you BRO !!!

brlogo1Building deteriorate, machinery wears, technology changes but people grow, develop  & become more effective if they understand their potential value. It also depends on the determination to make or break. It also depends on the ability to recognize the value that others can give.

My goal as author of BatangRizal is to lead / share to potential leader(s) /successor(s) and to all members of BatangRizal Organization. It would be my responsibility to inspire, help and make the necessary changes to reach our goal. Everything rises and fall on leadership. This positive interaction can happen only if the leader has an attitude of a win-win relationship. It is essential for us to have leaders and successors who can carry on…”effectively” at any given time.

As you grow and improve, so with those you lead, you must remember that people follow you.”They can only go as far as you goYou must think twice ahead because if your growth stops, your ability to lead stops with it. Neither personality nor methodology can constitute your personal growth. If you do not believe in success it is very difficult to achieve. This will not happen overnight. You must cultivate your talents and DON’T BE A COPY CUT, have a lot of courage, confidence, creative ideas, vision, motivation, focus and inspiration. Let go of your own personal insecurity and selfish act. Create your own identity!

There is no success without a successor, fly high out with priority, parameters, sacrifices and commitments. Create memberships that will be patriotic to our endevour and services. Encourage our people to be more productive and make command of changes in the Organization. Be a “thermostats” rather than “thermometers”…Thermostat is an active instrument that create a change while thermometer is passive and can do nothing to change the temperature. Expect the unexpected don’t be comfortable.

Attitude is a big factor of winding positive and negative growth. You must be open minded for the constructive and destructive critism. You must welcome challenges, You must know your mission and vision. Planning ahead of time play a big factor. Have a quality time and avoid rush. You must know for your self your weak point and strong point. Dont emphasize on position nor tittle. Be simple, humble and with a big heart for the less fortunate, care enough to comfort, share your dreams and ideas. Don’t be selfish and at the end you will be receiving a gratifying result and will be rewarded much to your expectations.

Proudly !!!


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