The Growing Family of BatangRizalOrg. (BRO)

For Your Information only: to all our beloved viewers, Underconstruction is to view the detailed activities of the BatangRizalOrganization:

BatangRizal Educators Team (BRET) group of teachers from Rizal Elementary School, Antipolo Sulsugin Elementary School, Pook Elementary School, Cristobal S. Conducto MNHS and Ashton Faith Academy.

Educators Team

BatangRizal Adventure Team (BRAT) group of different individuals from different NGO’s in support of promoting the Tourism of the municipality.


BatangRizalTeens (BRT) creating the BatangRizal Dictionary and support to the Educational Aspect of our children.

BR teens

BatangRizal Kids (BRK) support in establishing a strong foundation for their future success.

Barangay BatangRizal (BBR) ” Barangay mo I Promote mo” and

BRgyBatangRizal Kids (BRK)


BatangRizal Senior Citizen (BRSC) ” Bago Kayo, Kami Muna”.


” Were Building an Institution, Be Part of the Organization “


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