An e-mail from a proud Rizalian (Canada)

Sunday, March 22, 2009 4:10 PM

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Hi Ferdie,

This is Ferdinand Opulencia, son of Francisco “Kikoy” Opulencia and Juanita ” Annie” Opulencia. I found out this site thru my batch after the reunion. I am glad that you create this site for us to update and refresh the memory of our hometown. I am here in Canada and surfing this site helps us to overcome the homesickness in our hometown.  I inform some of our kababayan here regarding this site and everybody was thrilled. We appreciate your effort in gathering all the datas and picture.

” Continue the good works “. We are expecting the next reunion for us to attend and celebrate.  Mabuhay Rizalians!!!!! Mabuhay baga! Ah Ah ang ganda!!!

My greetings and thanks to our teacher that I remember.Mam Helen Urriquia,Mam Encabo,Mam Gamido,Mam Mel Sumague,Sir Alex Simundac and Ms. Simundak,Mam Doria,Mam Valenzuela.sir Paul  I apologize that some teacher is not mention, I really can’t remember their name at this moment.

Best Regards,

ferdie Opulencia-Batch 1979 Rizal Elementary School


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