No.1 sa ‘Pinas


McDonald’s is undoubtedly the undisputed market leader in the world in terms of market share. In the Philippine setting though, a local food chain known as Jollibee has taken over the reign of McDonald’s. From a consumer point of view, it would seem that the battle was won by Jollibee through a simple but effective visual product and image presentation. Of course, the taste of Jollibee’s product lines played a pivotal role in its successful battle for market supremacy over McDonald’s. Marketing practitioners are one in saying that Jolibee was successful in formulating its products to suit the particular taste of the Filipino consumer.

Almost every Sunday my family and I  attend mass at the St. Peter’s College Seminary by the request of my two kids. Simply… after the mass, to drop by at  a jollibee store in San Pablo City where in the company has five (5) stores   having some Fries, Burgers, Chickenjoy &  not to forget Twirls. For my two  kids Sunday is not a Sunday…Week is not a Week… without Jollibee!


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