An E-mail from a Rizalian (California)

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Saturday, March 7, 2009 5:50 AM
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Hi  Ferdie,

I was lucky enough to be there during the reunion.
I was born in our beautiful town, but I did not attend RES. My family moved to Manila (after WWII) when I was just a toddler. I only spent time in Rizal during holidays and summer vacations. You can probably guess how old I am. I am a very good friend of your Auntie Aning and your Auntie Sally here in California. (I read you are Fule’s son)
I was touched by the success of the reunion. It made me feel that I also am an alumni. Anyway, I like you to publish the picture that I took during the parade. All your pictures showed the younger generation. This lady, I think, is even related to you.

Good luck with this website. I enjoyed reading it.

Rowena Isleta Ancheta
Daly City, California

Star of the Res Grand Reunion '09 "Lola Nene" of Res Batch 30-31

Star of the Res Grand Reunion '09 Eufemia " Lola Nene " Opulencia Isles of Batch 30-31


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