BatangRizal is now an “Organization”

Members of the BatangRizal Organization (teachers from Rizal Central, Pook, Antipolo Elementary School, from High School and volunteers)

Founding Members of the BatangRizal Organization: (teachers from Rizal Central, Pook, Antipolo Elementary School, from High School and NGO volunteers)


With the widespread economic difficulty, thus resulting to poor education, illiteracy , low self-esteem and malnutrition to our children. This situation prompted BatangRizal to be formed as an Organization in Rizal, Laguna to focus its programs and services to children particularly on the educational aspect”. A program that will truly support and respond to the developmental needs of the children for them to be self-reliant and become socially responsible citizens of the community / country.

What is BatangRizal Organization:

BatangRizal is a Dynamic Organization committed to provide educational and other related services to the youth.


*To uplift and enhance the dignity and self-worth of children and youth.

*To undertake responsive and effective programs and services.

*To strengthen the financial and technical capability of the organization and linkages with GO’S ,NGO’s, and donor agencies.

Self-reliant children, families and communities, empowered by a strong belief in their self-worth and dignity as human beings.

    1. To provide opportunities to children, youth and their families to develop values, enhance skills, knowledge and self-sufficiency through provision of various programs.
    2. Respond to the developmental needs of the children and childcare needs of parents through the provision of an alternative child care support structure.
    3. Contribute to the physical well being of the children, youth and to support and respond effectively to their educational needs.
    4. To enable BatangRizal Organization to be self-sufficient by developing specific programs, strategies and linkages.
    5. To enable the BatangRizal members and volunteers to effectively and efficiently realize the Organization’s goals and objectives by providing ideas and opportunities for further developments.


The program beneficiaries are:

  • Children, youth and educational support programs.


  1. OUTREACH Program
    1. Goal
      To provide educational assistance to deserving children / youth who belong to needy families and help them develop better social functioning through educational, socio-cultural, emotional & spiritual activities.
    2. Objectives and strategies
      • To provide educational support programs ( books, educational materials, etc.)
      • To be able to provide worthwhile activities that will enhance their knowledge and skills through competitions, tutorial sessions, workshops, trainings and seminars.
      • To be able to enhance their self-esteem, creativity, resourcefulness.

C. Major activities:

      • Distribution of school supplies
      • Regular and Special Activities


A. Program:

The computer training will update participants of the new technology through the use of computers and how it affects the worldwide information system. It will also serve as the venue for the trainees to socialize, interact with one another and meet new circle of friends. It will also enable them to discover their talents in arts thru drawings, with the aid of the computers. Basically, the training will encouraged the participants to become productive members of the society.

B. Goal

C. Specific Objectives

“ Go to the people, Live among the people, Share with them, Learn from them, So when the job is done… They will say WE HAVE DONE IT OURSELVES!”


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