An E-mail from a Model Rizalian (Texas USA)

Kumusta Kabayan!

Thursday, December 18, 2008 8:55 PM
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Kumusta kabayan and Merry Christmas na rin sa yo at sa pamilya mo diyan sa atin.
One evening I was browsing the net, not particularly looking for anything at all, but somehow I typed “rizal” and “laguna” out of the blue.  I saw your blog at wordpress first on the list and so I went and followed the link.  Then I found some interesting facts and I knew the familiar pictures and stuff so I read and read all night.  It was very entertaining at times especially the old pictures and stories of the past not to mention the current events in our small town.  I already knew from my parents that you are now an honorable councilor and I’m proud of you for that.  But I never knew you had such a wonderful blog..i mean site…that’s being catered for anything Rizal as in BatangRizal.  It’s cool, good stuff you got here.  And oh….I saw my “little story” down there and it felt great that Kuya Relen’s daughter MJ wrote that article.  I was humbled by how she portrayed me in that article…by the way if you were wondering about the comments, one was a college friend back in the days and the other is a current officemate here in Texas.  Thank you for having my story featured there.  My daughters are proud to read their names in there as well.  They were amazed about that story of mine I have never fully told them, yet.  But I thought it was cool for them to read it somewhere.  They know I’m not hiding anything from them at all.
So how’s being a councilor in our progressive town?  I have been following your articles in there for quite a while now.  Seeing some resolutions and community services there, you’re doing great, I must add.  It was awesome also seeing our kababayans in full colors….hehehehe.  The pictures really  speak for themselves.  I am officially missing our small town again.  It feels like I’m home when I’m reading your blogs.  The only thing that I regret is the fact that I don’t recognize the faces of our youngsters anymore which is silently reminding me that we’re not that young anymore…But I like it.  Keep it up.
Back in the summer of ’05, my family went to Rizal for a short vacation and I’ve taken pictures of our Rizal in every street corners to build a map that can be accessed similar to “google-earth” but localized to Rizal only.  But I forgot to go to “munisipyo” to request for Rizal Data so I halted the project and the materials and pictures saved somewhere in my hard drive when I went back to the US.  Then came all those busy years again, frenzy big company tech projects came for full 3 years of build and so my Rizal Web project was totally forgotten.  When I saw your site, I was relieved to see such an awesome piece of work that is  updating every now and then with fresh materials.  That’s what I was trying to put up or at least part of it because I envisioned some kind of interactive web where users maybe allowed to add and modify part of the site and possibly introduce a shout/message board and blog spots catered for all the “BatangRizal” (your cool name!) users world-wide.  But this is good already..there’s no need to duplicate the effort.  Kaya heto..suki na ko ng blog site mo.  I’ll just keep my materials as a keepsake.
Oops!  I have already taken quite a piece of your busy time..pardon me.  Shoot me a message on your spare time, I’d be delighted at makapagbalitaan.  Thank you and more power.
Best Regards,
Gilbert Munda

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