Authored By: Hon. Ferdinand O. Sumague

Resolution Expressing the deepest desire of the Local Government Unit of Rizal, Laguna to enter into a “Sisterhood Agreement “ with other Municipalities and Cities with in or outside the province of Laguna. (Pagsanjan, Sta Rosa, Makati, Marikina, Pasig, Quezon City, Munoz NE, etc…) to maximize efforts toward the promotion of peace, understanding and development through people to people interaction along the areas of culture, education, new technology, commerce, trade, agriculture, ecology, local governance and other areas of mutual concern.

WHEREAS; Section 33 of the Local Government Code of 1991 provides that:

“ Local Government Units may, xxx, group themselves, consolidate or coordinate their efforts, services and resources for the purposes of commonly beneficial to them xxx”;

WHEREAS; through “Sisterhood Relationship” the municipality of Rizal, Laguna can foster a long lasting strong bond of friendship and cooperation through their respective local chief executive, mutually bind themselves to formally enter into a covenant of SISTERHOOD;

WHEREAS; Ties toward bilateral cooperation through the adoption of common programs for socio –economic development to foster friendship and cooperation through the exchange of experiences and expertise on areas of mutual interest, such as, in commerce and industry, investment , education, science and technology, culture, arts and tourism, environment and ecology and local governance;


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