2008 Boys & Girls Week

High School students as Elective and Appointive Officials during the Linggo ng Kabataan "Boy's & Girl's Week"

High School students as Elective and Appointive Officials during the Linggo ng Kabataan "Boy's & Girl's Week"

Welcome to the yearly activity of “BOYS AND GIRLS WEEK”… in observance of the Linggo ng Kabataan were in students from Cristobal S. Conducto Memorial National High School (formerly RNHS) are being assigned as the counterpart of all the elective and appointive local officials for them to be responsive as a youth and their development as future leaders.


Boys and girls acting as countgerpart of local officials shall be introduced by the SK Federation President to their respective counterpart. The SK pres may invite resource person for the in-house seminar on Rules XXVII entitled “Sangguniang Kabataan (Rules and Regulations Implementing the Local Government Code of 1991 highlighting articles 202 to 209)”, Afterwards the general orientation on the organization of the LGU, using the LGU’s Organizational Chart and giving highlights of the following:

(a) Table of organization of the LGU and the fundamental objectives and functions of every unit and every department

(b) Basic principles that governs the separation of the executive and the Legislative.

(c) Fiscal Budget of the LGU, manner of its preparation and approval.

(d) Other relevant matter concerning the operation and management of the LGU.


Boys and girls will be assigned to their respective counterpart. All heads and personnel of the office concern are encourage to teach and assist the youth assigned to them to ensure that this youth learn the basic functions of the office. However counterpart of the Vice-Mayor and Sanggunian Members will undergo a one day orientation “ Effective Legislation”. This will be jointly conducted by the Secretary to the Sanggunian and the Committee on Education of the Sangguniang Bayan.


Boys and girls will be required to perform civic or youth oriented activities to be handled by all SK Federation Officers. These activities shall include any or some of the the following:

(a) Collection and Distribution of relief goods in the community.

(b) Tax information campaign

(c) Alay Lakad

(d) Campaign against the illegal Distribution or Use of Prohibited or Regulated Drugs.

(e) Tree Planting

(f) Awareness Campaign on Solid Waste Management

(g) Arts and Skill Exhibition

(h) Recognition and awarding of Outstanding Youth Organization for their Achievements and Contribution to Development.

(i) Promotion of Blood Letting Program

Day Five – Closing Ceremony

Closing program will be held under the leadership of the SK Federation Officers.


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