Local Government Unit

Local Government Unit

The Local Government Unit comprises an Executive headed by the Mayor which has eleven (11) functional departments directly under it, and the Legislative, also called the Sangguniang Bayan (SB), which is presided over by the Vice Mayor. With eight regular members (Councilors), Barangay Federation President and Sangguniang Kabataan Federation President.

The Executive

The Executive Wing of the LGU is headed by the Mayor and is responsible for the general supervision and control of all programs, projects, activities and services provided by the Municipal Government. In addition to this, the Executive is responsible for enforcing all laws and ordinances relating to the municipality, initiating and maximizing the generation of resources and revenues, applying the same to the implementation of development plans, program objectives and priorities, particularly those resources and revenues programmed for agro-industrial development and country wide growth progress. Further, the Executive is also responsible for ensuring the delivery of basic services and the provision of adequate facilities.

The Legislative

Presided by the Vice Mayor, eight Regular Members (Councilors),ABC President and SK President and is concerned with the legislative agenda for the LGU and is responsible for approving ordinances , enacting legislation and passing resolutions necessary for an effective efficient running of the municipality. To help it in its task, the legislature has constituted a number of Standing committees internally to oversee specific areas of concern and frame legislative policies and guidelines particular to specific departments with in the LGU. The secretariat of the SB is responsible for preparing the agenda for SB Meetings and keeps a record of the legislative proceedings.

Municipal Government Officials:
Mayor: Rolen I. Urriquia
Vice-Mayor: Antonino A. Aurelio
Russel John V. Isles
Ferdinand O. Sumague
Earl John Isleta
Denis V. Virina
Nicanor U. Naguit
Lauro C. Sunega
Marlon Z. Solquia
Mario Sumague
Romelito Sumague(ABC President)
Raymart U. Alcos (SK President)


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