BatangRizal Adventure Team exploring Calibato Lake

BatangRizal Adventure Team members exploring Calibato Lake

Calibato lake, having Rizal with the larger share with San Pablo, is the main fishing ground of Rizal. Fish cages were introduced in the lake in the 60s. It has an area of 42 hectares and maximum depth of 135 meters. The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (FARMC) is tasked to manage the lake. Fish cage owners are mostly fulltime fishers who owns one to three (1 to 3) fish cages. There is a plan to convert the lake into a tourist spot. However, this is impeded by the fact that some fishers are negatively reacting to it. If implemented, some fish cage operators will be displaced because there will be strict implementation of the allowable area for fish cages.

However, there have been unexplained fish kills (Duong), especially during December and January. Although attempts have been made to understand the reason for the same, till date there is still no definite conclusion on what causes the periodic fish kills. The water turns reddish in color during these months and a disgusting odor emanates from the waters of the lake giving indications of high sulphur presence in the warter, perhaps causing the death of fish. The fisherman observe murky water which starts from San Pablo part of the lake and spreads fast to the Rizal side. The deaths of the fish causes disruptions in the fishing activities in the area making fishing largely a seasonal affair. During this period the fish cage operators harvest their stock prematurely which causes a decline in the prices because of the fish they sell are staunted and cannot command a price in the market

There is a legend about it that runs. Long time ago, this place was a farm of a couple named Kali and Berta. This couple were living happily, contented of their lives for they have sufficient food to support their living. One day an old woman came, begging for food. When Kali saw the rugged woman he drove her away with the help of his dog. To protect herself from being bitten by the dogs she threw stones to them and said, “May God punish you for your selfishness”. Berta said “Kali, bato”, Kali placed up the stone thrown by the old woman. When Kali was holding the stone to be thrown back to the old woman a roaring sound was heard. And after the strange sound, the place where Kali was standing sank and became a lake. When the neighbors asked Berta what happen she said, “I just shouted Kali, Bato, then the place where Kali was standing sank after the roaring sound. Thus, Kalibato got its name.

BatangRizal Adventure Team members exploring Calibato Lake

BatangRizal Adventure Team members exploring Calibato Lake


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