Tala-Malasena farm-to-market road

The Municipality of Rizal is predominantly agricultural, it has a vast agricultural land that could be developed into various agricultural activities. This is one among the upland municipalities in the southern portion of Laguna suitable for agricultural production and a potential food basket municipality because its proximity from Metro Manila. Large tract of agricultural land of this municipality are planted with coconut trees, lanzones and other fruit trees. The mountainous area comprising more or less 53% of the total land area of 2,790

hectares could be cultivated to either high value crops and high land vegetables.

Aware that the poor road condition is one of the biggest factors that hinder the promotion of agricultural development in the area and considering that only construction of the farm-to-market road is essential in attaining agricultural development, the LGU was compelled to construct the unpaved portion of the Tala-Malasena Farm-to market road, hence the

immediate assistance of the Department of Energy (DOE) to provide this municipality to provide this municipality with needed financial assistance via the Department of Energy (DOE). Development Project is highly solicited in order to complete the project together with the assistance or funding from other agencies and/or branch of government.

The project aims to provide the inhabitants in this locality with better transportation facilities, promote agricultural development in the area, minimize the cost of transportation expenses of the farmers, increase vegetable and other agricultural products farm gate price by decreasing spoilage of produce during transportation, improve the marketing channel for agricultural commodities, improve the living condition through facilities of rural infrastructure, Spur economic activities in the agricultural areas to be benifited by he project.

It involves the concreting of 5,763 meters of unpaved barangay road, concrete pavement with 4m with and 0.15m thick will be employed for this project. The road shall be paved with concrete to attain transportation convenience of farm products and farm inputs. The improvement of Tala Malasena Farm-to-Market road is so vital in the agricultural development of Rizal, Laguna considering that it covers almost 65% agricultural lands in this municipality.


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