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Kalatong Festival


Even before the Spaniards and American came to the Philippines, and prior to Rizal, Laguna becoming a town, there were already notable qualities that the natives possess-unity and concern for others. As the houses were spaced far apart from each other, the leaders and the Teniente del Barrio devised an instrument to serve as signal to the people to provide reassurance to the constituents during times of invasion and to swiftly send messages and important information. Creativity is inherent to Filipinos, which was why our ancestors thought of making a lungga-ang, a piece of wood with its center hollowed out. This instrument gave out an unusual sound that can reach every corner of the barangay. They called the piece of wood Kalatong. From then on, the Kalatong served as a way to warn the people of danger or for calling urgent meetings. When the repeated Kalatong sounds were heard, men of the community gather at an appointed place to receive from the leaders any news of danger or information that needed to be disseminated. When the country was faced with threats on security or peace and order, the people continued to use the Kalatong especially in the remote areas where all houses had one that can be used when there was danger or a call for meeting. As the years went by the design of the Kalatong such that a piece of bamboo is now accepted as one. To introduce once more the importance of Kalatong and the revival of its use, the local government of Rizal, Laguna to hold a yearly celebration called the “ KALATONG FESTIVAL”


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