Barangay Pook

Barangay Pook is a small barrios of Rizal.  There are more or less 300 people residing in it.  It is situated on a high level land and is separated from the town of Nagcarlan by a running stream known as Pook stream.  It is about three (3) kilometers from Nagcarlan and less than two (2) kilometers from Poblacion.  The people have tried to beautify their surroundings by planting flowering plants infront of their houses.  Even if this is a barrio it is installed with electric light and water supply.  The people here depend on farming in the nearby places like the Abakahan, San Miguel, Luya, Mahaguil-haguil, Mayton and Lusakan.  They raise coconuts, fruits and vegetables.

Pook according to the old folks got its name wayback during the Spanish regime.  During that time Rizal was not yet a town, but a barrio of Nagcarlan known as Pauli.  Before going to Pauli, people would stop in Pook.  This caused the people to settle here.  They built their huts in groups or “pook-pook” which they called Pook meaning small nipa houses in groups.

According to the old men in the barrio, the original families that formed the barrio of Pook were as follows:  the Sombilla, Conservado and the Vista’s family.  So as far as remembered there are many tenientes del barrios who served as head of the barrio during the Spanish period.  They were Batoy Sombilla, Joseph Vista and Juan Conservado.  It was during that time, there was that we called “escrebiente del barrio” o secretary of the barrio and Hildo Urrete filled up this post.  When the American came here the following persons who ruled this place were Antonio Articona, Luciano Asegurado, Moises Sombilla, Macario Asegurado, Fausto Visey, Lupe Lucido, the present teniente del barrio Mr. Sigundo Pisano.

According to reliable source, Pook was formed earlier than Pauli how Rizal town and it had its own chapel.  There was a quarrel between the people of Pauli and Pook, the main cause of the trouble was that the people of Pauli created the Pook Chapel to be transformed to Pauli.

But the people of Pook didn’t like this.  So the people of Pauli got the church belonging like that of the tiles, roof and the patron saint San Miguel.  Pook celebrated with “comidya” there will be a fair weather.  If there is a drama or none at all, there is a possibility that there will be a storm so the people will not celebrate its fiesta happily.

Pook’s candidates for office of municipal councilors were successfully elected.  They served as a barrios voice in the municipal council.  They were Juan Vitangcol, Macario Visey and Pedro Suministrado.

During the Spanish regime there were many young men who joined the guerilla unit who fought against the Japanese through the leadership of Col. Eriberto Sombilla of that place.  One time when the Japanese where repairing the bridge the guerilla ambushed them.  This angered the Japanese and caused them to burned the houses in the town of Rizal and the neighbor barrios and few building escaped from the destruction.

At present, one can noticed the great improvement of the barrio.  Houses were constructed and beautified by flower plants.


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  1. My wife was from Rizal, we now live in Los Angeles, Ca. USA and planning to retire in barangay Malaya near barangay Pook.
    She was a Pisano.

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